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Planning is everything when it comes to bathroom design. 

Whether it’s a sanctuary in your master suite or a high traffic bathroom, we start
our design process by listening to your needs. Understanding your household
rhythm and how you like to get ready helps us create a room that’s as
much a sanctuary as it is a practicality.


That’s how we turn it into a beautifully functional space that offers privacy,
savvy storage and a blissful aesthetic.


A canvas for style or a feature room of its own, we can design a bathroom that perfectly suits your life.

Our latest bathrooms 

Free standing bath and spout
Organic bathroom mirror with marble basins and green vanity
Black marble counter top basin
Bathroom with double vanity and floor mounted bath spout
Shower niche, fluted shower screen
Dark green vanity, mini chevron mosaic tile, wall light

Previous projects

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