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Whole home interior design

We create whole home transformations for modern and heritage homes.

We also focus on optimising your home's  pivotal hubs: kitchen, bathrooms, living, storage.


   Clever design is fundamental to making these work well, especially when space is tight.

It can change the way you feel in and about your home.


We can collaborate with you or take
the lead, presenting you with a design
that resonates by:

  • Guiding you through the overwhelm of choice 

  • Considering the way you move through, use and feel at home 

  • Marrying original and new features to respect the heritage of your home

  • Sourcing all finishes, fixtures, lighting, furniture, accessories, art and decor.

  • Adding innovative joinery solutions for maximum storage 

Drawing on our industry contacts, we source the right craftspeople

to illuminate the nuances that make your home unique.

Maria, director and owner of schemes & spaces, looking at samples in her office

What our clients say

"Maria has a brilliant eye with spaces and wonderful style in interiors. We wouldn't have been able to achieve the amazing results in our full house renovation without her"



Ready to start your interior project?

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